We develop and implement projects that integrate innovative approaches, modern functionalities, and sustainable strategies to help your business reach its full potential in the market. Creativity drives us to surpass the limits of the IT industry, always aiming for the WOW effect from our partners.


Every project comes with its own challenges, and through perseverance, we always manage to deliver the perfect product. We are aware that if you truly desire something and invest enough effort and time, you will achieve success. Perseverance and consistency are the essential ingredients of tomorrow’s business.


Time is a valuable resource, and our team has the ability to achieve maximum efficiency. We have learned that to “beat” time, we need a united team with common visions and well-developed work processes. We constantly analyze our work and seek to adapt and streamline it in our relationship with our partners.


Our professional expertise provides you with the assurance of technical services whenever you need them. Our colleagues are always prepared to maintain the company’s technical solutions, keeping them operational and scalable to meet the everyday technical challenges.

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Our mission

Since the beginning, we were committed into bringing a real change to the Romanian IT market, by offering high-quality customer-orientated services and by actually contributing to our client’s sustainable business development.

At ZONK Digital we are dedicated to innovation, efficiency and project excellence, every step of the way. Working together we can help you achieve your goals and adapt your business to the dynamic requirements of the digital environment.

Our Team

We believe that the success of a company is closely tied to the people who comprise it. Therefore, our team is the backbone of the evolution and dynamism we bring to the technological world. Our constant priority is for each team member to enjoy continuous development, respect, and exciting opportunities, thus creating a conducive environment for excellence. Every member of the ZONK Digital team is a talented professional with distinct skills in areas such as software development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, web management, auditing, consulting, and Microsoft 365 solutions implementation.

In our world, people are not just employees but precious members of a unified team dedicated to success. At ZONK Digital, we embrace diversity, encourage innovation, and support the continuous growth of each individual. Together, we evolve and shape the digital future.

Discover the world of ZONK Digital through our eyes, where people make a difference, and our common passion for excellence guides us every day.

Some of our clients are

What Our Clients Think About the Provided Services

Our clients opinions' are crucial to us, serving as the ultimate validation of our work. Each review is analyzed constructively, always seeking to improve the services we offer and the B2B relationship we build together with our partners.

Kacey Vande Steeg


Thanks to ZONK Digital’s work, the website loaded in under two seconds, had better security and analytics dashboards, and achieved a 70 score on PageSpeed Insights out of the box. The team provided excellent availability and met a tight deadline. Their focus on improvement and creativity stood out.

Marius Laslo


The new websites were received well and helped increase traffic by 80% and revenue by 40%. ZONK Digital communicated effectively and kept the project moving forward efficiently, while their excellent customer service contributed to the positive experience. Their site was easy to use and intuitive.

Alina Iuliana Laslău


We highly recommend ZONK’s services, both for their work approach and promptness in addressing all the company’s needs, and for the professional and extremely friendly team, always eager to provide you with the best advice! Keep up the good work, guys!

Craig O’Neill


We have built all our previous websites ourselves, which was fine for a while, but this time we decided to hand over the design and construction of our new website to the professionals; after all, we are not a web design company. We worked closely with ZONK, which met all our expectations, delivering the project on time and within budget. Thank you, guys!

Business Strategic Partners

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Parteneriatul cu Alef reprezintă o deschidere către o serie de beneficii remarcabile.La ZONK Digital avem acum posibilitatea de a crea și dezvolta soluții Microsoft, iar mai mult, suntem autorizați ca distribuitor indirect al acestora.

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Utilizarea aplicațiilor Power Apps și Power Automate din Microsoft 365 poate accelera afacerile prin automatizarea proceselor complexe și fluxurilor de informații, contribuind la o creștere a productivității de până la 30%.

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