Microsoft 365 Integration Services

Defining a digital culture is a major priority for every leader striving to promote a modern workplace. Microsoft 365 has been designed to support this type of cultural change, helping leaders empower everyone in their companies, unleashing creativity, and fostering collaboration.
Microsoft 365 is the next step in the digital transformation of the services provided by your business, being a modern solution based on cloud functionality. The intelligent security features and product integration help streamline management needs and minimize the total cost of ownership throughout the IT lifecycle.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution for productivity, collaboration, and IT support tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. It provides access from any internet-connected device to the Office Online suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access), as well as file-sharing applications, online conferencing, or instant messaging, through a monthly or annual license. Additionally, certain Microsoft Office 365 licenses allow the installation of desktop Office applications on up to 5 devices. The term Microsoft 365 includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.
The service is delivered directly from the Microsoft Cloud platform and aims to increase employee productivity and focus on activities that bring added value to the company. Microsoft 365 integration services are provided by a specialized company that analyzes your business needs and adapts the software to the internal processes of the company.

Why Microsoft 365 Integration Services?

The suite supports companies that want to focus on the core operations of their business, saving time spent coordinating departments, teams, or clients. Office 365 eliminates the use of traditional, insecure, offline methods for working, storing, sharing, and manipulating organizational data.
Companies implementing Office 365 solutions can achieve up to a 33% increase in productivity, allowing them to focus on customer needs and minimizing the percentage of “human error” while enhancing the security level of transmitted or shared information, especially in a time when information security is crucial for any business.

Speed in business is crucial, and using Power Apps and Power Automate applications from the Microsoft 365 suite can further increase your company’s productivity by automating complex repetitive processes and information transmission flows. And if we want to talk numbers, then we can say that Microsoft 365 is used by more than 300 million users and over 80% of companies in the Forbes 500, ensuring a productivity increase of up to 30%.

A unique product, for the future of the company

1. Innovative Applications

Since the launch of Microsoft 365 in 2011, Microsoft teams have worked to create as many innovative applications as possible to make our daily office work easier, integrating corporate functionalities into every developed idea. Thus, the original applications of Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite were transferred to Microsoft 365, and every user now benefits from Exchange Server, Skype for Business, or SharePoint.

2. Information Security

Information transmitted through Office 365 applications uses Microsoft Corporation’s cloud servers, which have the highest level of data security for your information. Information storage can be done in the OneDrive for Business application, a cloud storage environment of up to 1TB for Business licenses and unlimited for Enterprise licenses, offered as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, or in SharePoint, for efficient collaboration among team members. When migrating to Microsoft 365, emails sent through this service use Microsoft Exchange Server, ensuring unbeatable security and email deliverability (SLA) of 99.9%.

3. Information Sharing

Work efficiently and securely using the SharePoint application where you can upload, share, and work with your data, along with other colleagues, collaborators, or clients, in real-time. Any changes to files/data are tracked so you have absolute control over your information. At any time, you can find out who has modified a specific file, to whom it was sent, or which colleagues have worked on it.

4. Centralized Control of Applications

Why manage each application separately when you can have everything in one place? For easy and quick access to all information related to the suite of applications, Microsoft has developed the Microsoft 365 Apps portal. This is configured at the time of purchasing Microsoft 365 licenses and is intended for managers or staff responsible for managing your teams. Thus, by accessing just one link, you can have information about all your applications, details about billing, create email accounts, restrict or reset user accounts, and much more.


Collaboration and Communication Tools

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication application that facilitates teamwork. It allows users to participate in conversations, organize virtual meetings, share files, and collaborate in real-time on documents.



Power Automate provides the ability to automate workflows and repetitive processes. Users can create automations between different applications and services, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.


Custom App

Power Apps allows users to create custom applications without requiring advanced programming knowledge. This opens up possibilities for creating custom applications tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


Data Analysis and Visualization

Power BI offers powerful tools for data analysis and visualization. Users can create interactive reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights from organizational data.
These tools seamlessly integrate into Microsoft 365, enabling users to efficiently manage, collaborate, and analyze data.

Familiar Office Applications

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher

Collaboration, Enterprise Applications, and Cloud Storage

Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Yammer, Skype for Business, OneDrive

Email and Calendar

Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Calendar

Video and Presentations

Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Video

Business Applications

Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Forms

Project Management and Planning

Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Tasks, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft To-Do

Data Analysis

Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft MyAnalytics

Applications for Small Businesses

Microsoft StaffHub, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Visio Online

Employees and Discovery

Microsoft People, Microsoft Delve

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Integration Services

  • Cost savings through increased company productivity
  • Mobility – work from anywhere on any internet-connected mobile device
  • Collaboration – work simultaneously and from anywhere on shared documents
  • Flexibility – device licensing at the user level and access to necessary applications
  • Robust security guaranteed by Microsoft and implementation of company policies
  • Business agility – ability to scale resources according to existing needs

Microsoft 365 Integration Services for Dynamic Businesses


We assist you in choosing a suitable subscription plan and an optimal set of Microsoft 365 applications, thus developing a robust solution for efficient collaboration.


We ensure careful planning and a seamless migration of your systems to Microsoft 365, while maintaining the integrity of your business data.

Consulting and Support

We provide consultative assistance at any stage of the project, including Microsoft 365 integration, migration, customization, and user adoption.

Migration to Microsoft 365

A major step in your pre-migration process is to gather data and information about your existing IT environment to understand the current technological solutions within your company. We assess whether the on-premises environment meets the configuration requirements, taking into account these areas: Servers and components, network architecture and DNS, authentication solutions, directory architecture, internet connection availability, email routing, any required certificates, hardware and software, email and client applications, email archiving, enforcement policies, and transmission protocols.


We start the M365 implementation project by gathering information about the current IT environment. We can’t create effective implementation plans without fully understanding why you’re migrating and what needs to happen during the switch.


This step begins by determining the necessary licenses for the company’s employees and purchasing them. Microsoft 365 offers a very advanced licensing system, so that each employee will only benefit from the applications they use, making costs more efficient at the organization level.


After the purchase of the licenses follows the technical process that involves switching to the Exchange Server email transmission system, installing and configuring licenses for users, migrating data from the old system to the new system, as well as the specific configurations of each employee.


Urmează configurările individuale ale aplicațiilor avansate Microsoft 365 cum ar fi SharePoint, OneDrive, Power Automate sau Power Apps. În cazul Power Apps, dezvoltarea de aplicații Microsoft presupune și achiziționarea de licențe Microsoft Azure.


The final step is represented by the configurations specific to each industry and each business model, as well as the specialized training offered to your company’s employees.

ZONK – Your Partner in Microsoft 365 Integration Services

Microsoft 365 will be a major change for many employees, introducing possibilities for better collaboration and innovation. However, collaboration and innovation require becoming more comfortable with shared working environments, documents being in the cloud, and more. Before diving in, make sure it’s the right time to introduce Microsoft 365 and that it aligns with your key business objectives. Then, ensure that your company’s management understands the importance of this change process and is willing to support your efforts. With highly qualified and experienced professionals on board, ZONK Digital specialists offer you a range of collaboration benefits, including full consultancy support, user solution adoption, cloud account management, timely and seamless Microsoft 365 implementation, error-free data migration to Microsoft 365, efficient optimization, and increased ROI.

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